Automated Freedom Club - Self-Paced Online Learning

Imagine concentrating your time and energy on coaching, while the business of your coaching business ran on autopilot.   What would it feel like to be free from the chaos and have more time to spend with your clients, family, friends, and yourself?  Imagine simply pressing "go" on the six essential workflows every coach needs for success.   A stress-free business is just around the corner.  Get started today!


NOTE:  Our self-paced program includes workflow diagrams, it does not include installation of the workflows in your Keap account.

Workflow #1: Lead Generation & Indoctrination ($500 Value) - Never lose another lead because vou have no way to capture their email. Don't forget about the process of getting your new lead to know you, like you, and trust you! (That's included here too!)


Workflow #2: Schedule a Consult ($500 Value) - Having trouble getting leads on the phone to sell? Never make a cold call again! This campaign has your leads schedule their calls with you in a predictable and consistent way.


Workflow #3: Low Cost Leader/Tripwire ($500 Value) - Have a book? Maybe a quick course? Maybe a small program? Use the tripwire to pin point your buyer leads immediately and generate some cash on the front end.


Workflow #4: Product Delivery & Upsell ($500 Value) - Do you have a way to deliver your course, product, or service? Avoid leaving money on the table by inviting your purchasers to upsell to the next level.


Workflow #5: Nurture Campaign ($500 Value) - One of Dr. Denise's favorite campaigns, automatically drip love and education to your leads who have never taken the next step with you (and get them to convert!)


Workflow #6: Customer Feedback Survey ($500 Value) - Never wonder what your customers are thinking and NEVER miss the opportunity to upsell your very happy customers..



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