Automated Freedom Club with Group Coaching

What if you could leave the confusion behind? What if you could narrow your focus down and actually automate your business? What if you could implement the the Passive Revenue Generator immediately and scale to consistent $10k months peacefully?



Module #1: The LKT Machine ($1000 Value) - Never lose another lead because you have no way to capture their email. Don't forget about the process of getting your new lead to know you, like you, and trust you! (That's included here too!) (Campaign Flow+ Email Swipe Files Included!)

Module #2: Booking Buddy ($1000 Value) - Having trouble getting leads on the phone to sell? Never make a cold call again! This campaign has your leads schedule their calls with you in a predictable and consistent way.(Campaign Flow + Email Swipe Files Included!)

Module #3: Clients on Demand ($1000 Value) - Have a book? Maybe a quick course? Maybe a small program? Use the tripwire to pin point your buyer leads immediately and generate some cash on the front end.(Campaign Flow + Email Swipe Files Included!)

Module #4: High End Client Experience ($1000 Value) - Do you have a way to deliver your course, product, or service? Avoid leaving money on the table by inviting your purchasers to upsell to the next level. (Campaign Flow + Email Swipe Files Included!)

Module #5: Automated BFF ($1000 Value) - One of Dr. Denise's favorite campaigns, automatically drip love and education to your leads who have never taken the next step with you (and get them to convert!) (Campaign Flow + Email Swipe Files Included!)

Module #6: Testimonial Generator ($1000 Value) - Never wonder what your customers are thinking and NEVER miss the opportunity to upsell your very happy customers. (Campaign Flow + Email Swipe Files Included!)


Weekly Access to Group Coaching Calls ($3000 Value) - Never feel lost and unsupported again. You don't need more knowledge, you need more implementation! Join our weekly Group Coaching Calls with Dr. Denise's team of coaches and experts.

Monthly Access to Strategy Calls ($2000 Value) - Turn up for dedicated strategy support. Work with Dr. Denise's team of experts to discover how to best plan your marketing strategy!

Weekly Access to LIVE Q&A and Behind the Scenes with Dr. Denise (PRICELESS) - Get the scoop on everything Dr. Denise is working on and planning to do for the AFC members. Get unprecedented Insider access to the backend of her business and see the exact steps she's taking in order to grow.


Exclusive Facebook Community - Join real people in a real and supportive community! If you’re like me, then you know being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Trying to figure everything out all on your own with no one to bounce ideas off of can be frustrating. With our supportive community, you’ll never have to feel alone again. As part of our community you’ll surround yourself with brilliant people who can answer questions and provide support along the way.


Bonus #1: Keap Essentials Vault ($447 Value) - The ONLY Keap trainings you'll ever need. Essentials walks you through everything that you need to know without diving into the random pieces that you think you'll never use! Learn how to edit the templates and get moving MUCH quicker. Never say you aren't techy again!

Bonus #2: Audience Accelerator ($497 Value) - Learn Dr. Denise's system for organically growing and nurturing your audience into sales. Authentically show up as you to sell your prospects more peacefully. This 21 day mini-course is one simple action item per day!

Bonus #3: Learn:Grow:Scale ($997 Value) - Access to Dr. Denise's top trainings and programs designed to grow the business and business owner!


​Funnel Template Pack ($1497 Value) - Get Dr. Denise's drag and drop funnel pages for everything from opt ins to order forms to application and scheduling pages. Just change out the colors and imagery and press GO! (also grab Dr. Denise's PDF pages and examples to easily copy exactly what is working and converting RIGHT NOW!)


Private 1:1 Onboarding Call with Dr. Denise's Team - Join Dr. Denise's Team for a private, 1:1 onboarding call to show you around, get you oriented, and get you on the fast track to success. Don't you hate buying a program and then feeling left to the wolves? That doesn't happen in AF. We'll guide you and support you throughout the whole process, and that starts with an onboarding call!


3 Months Paid Access to ​Dr. Denise's Platform - Yep. 3 months paid access to Dr. Denise's Passive Revenue Engine (powered by Keap Pro). You'll get everything you need to automate and scale your business right inside our platform. You'll also get access to trainings, support, and ALL of the scoop on how to get your business organized on our platform. Dr. Denise's platform is 100% for non-techy brains and helps you implement the Passive Revenue Formula THAT much faster.


Your Customized Game Plan - Join me for an exclusive 60-minute Business Strategy + Flow Session. We'll deep dive into your plans, goals, and current business, and get you a step-by-step action plan on how to automate your sales machine so you can work less and make more money. I don’t do this often, but I’m clearing my calendar just for YOU.  (Only available if you sign up within 48 hours of one of our trainings.)

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Automated Freedom Club
Group Coaching


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Automated Freedom Club
Payment Plan

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For the first year, and then $47/month